Wednesday, April 16, 2014

2013 Vehicle Technologies Market Report

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory has released a report that details the major trends in U.S. light-duty vehicle and medium/heavy truck markets as well as the underlying trends that brought about those trends.

FHWA R&T Now - March 2014

The U.S. Federal Highway Administration has released the latest issue of its Research and Technology (R&T) Now news update. The update reports on research, technology, and development activities taking place within the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Snow States Pool Funds to Solve Winter Maintenance Challenges: Clear Roads Research Produces Immediate, Practical Applications

A featured story in the January-February 2014 TR News explores how some transportation agencies used assistance of the Clear Roads program to face the logistical challenge of clearing ice and snow to keep roads passable and safe. The Clear Roads program leverages state members’ contributions to fund research about new techniques and technologies, avoid duplication of effort, influence the private sector, engage in technology transfer, inform the public, and partner with other research groups.

Pre-Implementation of Infrared and Ground-Penetrating Radar Technologies for Improving Asphalt Mixture Quality

TRB’s second Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP 2) Renewal Project R06C has released a prepublication, non-edited version of a report titled Pre-Implementation of Infrared and Ground-Penetrating Radar Technologies for Improving Asphalt Mixture Quality that explores infrared (IR) and ground-penetrating radar (GPR) for measuring uniformity and segregation in new asphalt mixture construction. This report presents the results of pilot project using IR and GPR technology and includes suggestions related to the use of IR and GPR technology to improve pavement durability.

Integrated Corridor Transportation Management System Workshop and Joint Mid-Year Meeting: Abstracts Due by April 25, 2014

The Integrated Corridor Transportation Management System Workshop is being held on June 22-26, 2014, in Irvine, California. Several TRB Committees and Joint Subcommittees are holding the workshop and midyear meeting to explore institutional, operational, and technical challenges and opportunities related to integrated management and operation of the multimodal transportation system.
Abstracts for posters are due by April 25, 2014. Students are encouraged to submit a paper to be considered for the workshop’s best student paper award.

Mobots navigate race course for the 20th year despite rain

On the first day of Carnival, comedian Hannibal Buress took the stage at Midway and poked fun at some of the oddities about Carnegie Mellon University. He laughed at our fraternities for standing around, playing a ball-throwing game while blasting “Call Me Maybe.” He laughed at our students for wearing Google Glass. He also jokingly assumed that everyone in the audience was a robot-builder. It seemed that he was almost flabbergasted at the peculiarity of the Carnegie Mellon community.
For that reason, it’s a good thing Buress didn’t stay a day longer to watch the 20th annual Mobot Races, a competition in which participants race autonomous vehicles (Mobile Robots) along the slalom course outside of Wean Hall.

Mojio preps a new connected car module that will feature its own app store

In two months a Vancouver-startup called Mojio will start selling its connected car module, a plug-in device that connects your car to the cloud via a T-Mobile’s network and your phone via Bluetooth. While there are a several gadgets in the market that promise to turn your unconnected car into a connected one, Mojio has an interesting take on the market. It wants to turn its plug-in car module into a application development platform.

Likely defects dampen zeal for self-driving cars

Computers are slowly taking over one of the most potent symbols of human independence: driving.
The government says that shift will make the roads safer and eventually free people to work, read or even watch a movie as they travel from place to place.
But in the wake of deadly manufacturer defects at Toyota and General Motors, analysts are raising questions about whether autonomous vehicles could hurtle into dangerous territory.

SafeTREC-UCTC Seminar April 25: ODOT Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Implementation Plan

April 25, 2014
Or see the slides and hear the talk live via webinar.
Presentation by Matt Braughton and Ashleigh Griffin, Kittelson & Associates Abstract: The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) identified bicycle and pedestrian crashes as a key safety focus area within Oregon’s Strategic Highway Safety Plan and sought to develop a plan to reduce frequency and severity of those crashes on all roadways throughout Oregon.

2013 federal ruling requires seat belts on new commercial buses starting in 2016

The U.S. Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) today issued a final rule requiring lap and shoulder seat belts for each passenger and driver seat on new motorcoaches and other large buses. This new rule enhances the safety of these vehicles by significantly reducing the risk of fatalities and serious injuries in frontal crashes and the risk of occupant ejection in rollovers.