Tuesday, July 22, 2014

International Symposium for Next Generation Infrastructure

Following the model of the uniquely successful 2013 symposium held in Wollongong, Australia, organized by the SMART Infrastructure Facility, we are pleased to announce that this year's event, hosted by UCL, Arizona State University School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment and the SMART Infrastructure Facility at the University of Wollongong, with co-host partners Delft University of Technology, Oxford University and International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis will be held at Laxenburg Palace near Vienna, Austria from 30 September to 1 October.

The rise of data and the death of politics

As both cars and roads get "smart," they promise nearly perfect, real-time law enforcement. Instead of waiting for drivers to break the law, authorities can simply prevent the crime. Thus, a 50-mile stretch of the A14 between Felixstowe and Rugby is to be equipped with numerous sensors that would monitor traffic by sending signals to and from mobile phones in moving vehicles. The telecoms watchdog Ofcom envisions that such smart roads connected to a centrally controlled traffic system could automatically impose variable speed limits to smooth the flow of traffic but also direct the cars "along diverted routes to avoid the congestion and even [manage] their speed".

T3 Webinar Overview Learn from the Experts: Open Data Policy Guidelines for Transit - Maximizing Real Time and Schedule Data-Legalities, Evolutions, Customer Perspectives, Challenges, and Economic Opportunities - Part II

Attendees should expect to learn about the benefits of open data policies and how transit agencies have successfully partnered with private entities to produce more real-time schedule information through the use and sharing of data. This informative webinar will serve as a foundation for developing transit agencies' guidelines to share schedule and real-time data. This session will highlight the experiences of several transit agencies that have had long histories of producing and sharing real-time and scheduled data for customers and private sector third party developers. 

Toyota Gift Will Support Penn Research on Automotive Electronic and Computer Systems

The University of Pennsylvania's PRECISE Center has received $120,000 from the Toyota InfoTechnology Center. Toyota-ITC is interested in promoting the PRECISE Center's efforts on safety algorithms for self-driving cars, remote automotive diagnostics, resilient control of autonomous vehicles and electric vehicle architectures.
The Toyota-ITC gift will allow Rahul Mangharam, associate professor in the School of Engineering and Applied Science’s Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering, along with other PRECISE Center researchers, to further their efforts in transportation safety...

PRECISE is an active member of the Technologies for Safe and Efficient Transportation Center, a collaborative effort with Carnegie Mellon University. In October, T-SET was selected as one of five national university transportation centers funded by the United States Department of Transportation.

Body heat-sensing cameras coming to Monon Trail

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – To help improve bicycle safety the city will instal new infrared cameras along the Monon Trail.  The technology senses a cyclists’ body heat to improve the flow of traffic and keep cyclists from running red lights.  “One of the reasons I don’t ride as often as I’d like to is because the intersections are so dangerous,” said Suzie Keller.  The thermal imaging cameras will be installed over the next two months at the intersection of 75 Street and Westfield Boulevard.  They allow for a green light to stay green longer to allow the cyclist through, or turns a red light green as the cyclist nears.  One of the issues the city has are the magnets at intersections that trigger a light to change. Those magnets don’t pick up bicycles.

Connected car market worth $17bn to telcos by 2018

The global connected car market will represent a $17 billion revenue opportunity for telcos by 2018.
This is according to research published this week by Infonetics, which predicted that the connected car services sector will see a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 25% between 2013 and 2018, nearly 21 times the expected growth rate of traditional mobile voice and data services over the same period.

Driverless cars could increase pollution, warns Toyota

According to The Japan Times, Toyota’s Ken Laberteaux, a senior principal scientist for the carmaker’s North America team, said in an interview on Wednesday that automated car technology would make commuting easier and could therefore encourage people to travel further.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Consumers Appear Uncertain About Connected Cars

Many of the world’s largest tech companies are pursuing the automotive sector as new area for growth.
Yet while the likes of Apple and Google have introduced operating systems specifically for cars, many people don’t appear to be interested in downloading applications and keeping up to speed with social networks while they drive, according to a research by the Spanish telecom giant Telef√≥nica of people in the United States, Britain, Germany, Spain and Brazil.
Instead, the company said, people are most interested in emergency alert systems and notices about maintenance for their cars. But the company is expecting consumer expectations to move beyond those desires, too.

Automakers Race to Be First With Driverless Cars

Nissan Motor Co. will introduce cars that park themselves by 2016, Chief Executive Officer Carlos Ghosn said, as the Japanese carmaker rushes to be among the first to offer automated driving.
The feature, along with technology enabling cars to autonomously navigate congested highways, will be available in a wide range of vehicles, Ghosn told reporters today in Tokyo. Two years later, the company plans to offer vehicles that can change lanes automatically, and by 2020, they’ll be able to handle intersections on their own, he said.

Open Roads Consulting to be acquired by Q-Free

Open Roads Consulting, Inc. (Open Roads) a technology and services supplier to the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and Security markets, has signed a definitive agreement to be acquired by Q-Free, a leading global supplier of ITS products and solutions, including Road User Charging (RUC) and Advanced Transportation Management Systems (ATMS).
“Open Roads Consulting is a company with a strong market position in the US. Teaming up with Q-Free will strengthen our current position, in addition to provide a global reach for our products. We are very excited about the future opportunities and we are looking forward to be working with Q-Free,” says Founder and President Barbara Skiffington.